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Skilled Surveyors

Our expert team navigates your industry’s demands and maze-like regulations with your goals in mind.

Responsive Communication

Our team is committed to providing professional services at all times.

Personal Contact

Direct contact with the team throughout the project ensures the best product and experience for you.

About Us

Lat40° provides high quality land surveying services for our partners: oil and gas companies, engineering and architectural firms, planners, developers, property owners, municipalities and utility companies.

Our goal is to combine our broad field expertise and technical skill with an enthusiasm for responsive communication. We don’t just deliver promises—we deliver time-efficient, cost-effective projects that meet all your needs.

Featured Services


Oil and Gas Well Layouts and Exhibits


Topographic Surveys


Pipeline Right-of-way Exhibits


ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys


Base Mapping


Construction Staking